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Recubik Vision in the real estate sector Digital Signage

In digital innovation, the real estate sector is not lagging behind. Showing the real estate work in a dynamic and creative way greatly reduces costs, in addition to attracting potential clients. Real estate companies know the importance of an eye-catching catalog and that is why they have opted for digital tools.

Obviously, digital billboards prove to be very eye-catching for customers, unlike the static billboards previously used by real estate companies. Dynamic content makes an impact and attracts more customers who are primarily attracted by the advertising designs.

What does Recubik offer in the real estate sector?

The possibilities of information are endless, since not only catalogs can be shown, but also detailed plans, real estate environment, real videos, information about the company, among others.

Likewise, it allows showing 3D designs of future projects so that clients can see how the finished project will look like. The idea is to create a positive impact on customers and this can be achieved by displaying creative and eye-catching images on digital screens.

Digital tools allow the detailed description of the property through a creative visual content that provides the customer with everything he needs to know about the property he wants to buy.

Printing cost savings

By using digital signage, real estate agencies can save on printing costs, all the paper used to indicate offers or promote housing can be replaced with a screen (or several) in the showcase rotating the promotions.

Fast content modification/update

The speed with which the software can be updated makes it possible to quickly indicate modifications typical of a real estate agency: change prices, introduce more images, indicate that the property has already been rented or sold, etc.

Increased retention

Due to the attractiveness and brightness of the screen you can attract more customers in the showcase thus boosting your sales and promotion of the real estate.

Automated integration

Recubik Inmo Software is integrated with several CMS and real estate platforms, so you can send your properties automatically from the same platform without having to worry about anything.

Branding and promotions

Dynamic visual content helps real estate companies generate interest among customers and create awareness of their additional services (insurance, tax or legal advice, etc).

Increased attention grabbing

The attractiveness of the displays and content means that customers in the area will want to be featured prominently on the screens.

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