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Recubik’s vision in the educational sector Digital Signage

In recent years, digitization has become more popular and necessary in schools. Universities and schools have opted for the use of digital advertising, in order to achieve the creation of modern environments, without leaving behind information and education.

Libraries, cafeterias and hallways of educational centers are perfect areas for the use of the digital options offered by Recubik, where they will fulfill their function in a simple way.

What does Recubik offer in the education sector?

The main advantage of using digital signage is the reduction of costs, caused by the printing of posters. So, old-fashioned print ads open the door to the future with digital displays.

They can display information about school events, courses, conferences and all kinds of news of educational interest, up to the maximum diversity of social networks. All this in real time, as they allow constant updating.

The billboards or digital screens offer many options to be used in educational centers, from room reservations to the sending of emergency messages that allow building a much safer study center.

The information can be divided by zones or schedules, which will allow the right information to be given at the right place at the right time.


Through digital signage, we can provide information to students, visitors or general staff instantly and without the risk of it being lost.

Real-time advertising

Using Digital Signage we can instantly inform of important action plans or protocols that need to be communicated in real time: Fires, Covid-19 situation or last minute information where there is no time to print documentation and distribute it to all the classrooms.

Event advertising

If the school, university or institute is going to carry out some kind of activity that requires the participation of teachers and students, it is easier for the message to reach them and make them feel more attracted thanks to Digital Signage.

Facilitating guidance

Digital signage is ideal for orienting visitors and new students. Arriving at a new center or touring a university campus can be complicated due to its size. In addition, due to the covid crisis, it can be used to orient users and workers to the ideal passage areas according to the protocol of the capacity control.

Schedule information

It can be transportation schedules, class schedules, or whatever may be needed. Accidents, new safety protocols, confinements... To avoid having to inform students individually, an announcement can be placed in these resources.

Advanced content programming

Advanced scheduling allows the University to schedule content in advance for maximum impact and show it at different times of the day. This allows them to target viewers and segment their screens for different audiences. Many organizations or individuals are unaware of the benefits of contributing to a non-profit organization. Posters help to raise awareness of these benefits, and help to attract new revenue by explaining through digital communication the tax benefits of making a contribution.

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