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Recubik Vision in the healthcare sector Digital Signage

In healthcare facilities such as hospitals, doctors’ offices and clinics, digital tools greatly improve the experience for patients, employees and medical staff, making internal management quicker and easier.

Recubik’s digital displays and billboards can be placed in waiting rooms, where all kinds of information can be offered to patients, without leaving entertainment behind. With these great digital tools, patient waiting times can be made less tiring and more productive.

Similarly, some advertising can be included to complement the digital shift management system that is usually implemented with these screens, thus generating additional benefits to the healthcare facility.

What does Recubik offer in the healthcare sector?

The Wayfinding system on digital screens located in corridors and strategic places helps visitors and patients to find their way around the physical space of the health centre, making it easier to find their way around. Medical directories can also be placed on the screens in digital form.

All this brings a sense of comfort to those who attend the office, hospital or clinic, in addition to giving a great improvement to the overall image of the center.

Connect with patients and their families

Digital signage is a very efficient tool in the relationship with the patient's relatives, increasing communication and the level of trust of groups and individuals through information and content aimed at reducing anxiety and stress.

Supports HR and streamlines patient registration

The interaction with the patient avoids the patient having to go through the reception desk and makes it easier for their data and information to be sent directly to the back-end systems of the hospital or doctor's office. This functionality also reduces the number of staff assigned to deal with the influx of visitors.

Renew internal communication, not just external communication

Staff-oriented digital signage improves internal communication by notifying and signaling everything from patient shifts to employee, doctor and nurse rotations. They are also an exceptional channel for conveying important corporate messages that facilitate cross-functional team communication.

Promotes centre services and cross-selling

Digital signage provides the opportunity to generate additional revenue. Dynamic messages can be launched to inform and promote services, activities, products and events relevant to patients without being invasive or aggressive, on the contrary; the patient will appreciate being informed of the facilities and services offered within the center itself.

Improving the efficiency of the emergency department

It is an efficient alert system in emergency rooms. Transmitting essential health and safety messages with a centrally controlled system improves the ability to react to any type of situation. It also allows staff to be informed about procedures or safety events that limit access to certain areas of the center, supported by internal and external digital signage.

Stimulates patient culture change

Digital signage is equally effective in addressing patient culture change in public healthcare. Facilities can deliver key educational and informational messages to encourage self-care and prevent service collapse by promoting healthy and responsible behavior.

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