Retail sector Digital Signage

Recubik’s vision for the Retail sector Digital Signage

In the retail sector, the digitisation of advertising has become very popular in recent years, as these tools bring innovation to the image of shops, as well as a unique modernism that gives them a special appeal.

It also creates an eye-catching spectacle for shoppers and draws them into the shop. After they are inside, digital displays encourage product purchases and influence the choice of specific items.

What does Recubik offer in the Retail sector?

The idea is to always display eye-catching and dynamic content while keeping it up to date on the different screens placed in strategic locations in the establishment. Real-time updates allow you to change the advertisement according to the day, time or customer you want to attract attention.

In the same way, some digital tools allow facial recognition and thanks to this it is possible to know the gender, an approximate age and the mood of those who approach the establishment in order to adapt the content quickly to their profile.

A new format for promotions

The use of digital displays offers an opportunity to show promotional material quickly and immediately to consumers. A second potential axis that does fit perfectly in vending.

More fun shopping

60% of consumers view in-store shopping as a form of entertainment and therefore expect brands to make their shopping experience fun. Digital displays can be used to show trends and instructional videos, not only to show how the product works, but also to get consumers excited about the product.

Forget paper

Going paperless for printing posters, window displays and promotional signage and using digital signage is an environmentally friendly solution that reduces waste. Consumers are increasingly aware of responsible businesses.

Increase in sales

Through interactivity with the consumer and targeted promotions, sales can be significantly increased thanks to Digital Signage. Make an impact on your audience with promotions according to the time of the year or specific days.

Differentiate yourself from your competition

Digital signage is a guarantee to attract customers, as people love technology. Having a perfectly thought out and implemented digital signage system, such as large digital displays, makes your business offer something different. Without any doubt, this is another benefit of digital signage, and it is very easy to take advantage of it.

More comfortable waiting times

Digital signage helps keep customers entertained and enhances their feeling and experience in the store. A digital display in a checkout line or fitting room queue allows them to wait more relaxed and is less distracting. As a result, the perceived waiting time decreases.

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