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Recubik’s vision in the foundations and organizations sector Digital Signage

In today’s futuristic era, corporate digital advertising is a great option for improving internal communication and information. Therefore Recubik digital signage offers a variety of options in this type of environment in the sector of foundations and organizations.

The lobby and main corridors are perfect for digital displays. All kinds of information can be presented to employees and customers. Places that function as waiting rooms are also often perfect places for the placement of billboards or digital displays.

These digital tools can display corporate information of general interest, welcome messages and even motivational messages. Such messages are perfect for creating comfortable environments and presenting information so that it is received in the best way by those who observe them.

What does Recubik offer in the foundations and organizations sector?

The screens can be used not only for corporate information but also to display news relevant to the organization, as well as social media content, meetings, among others.

It will also enable better communication with employees and strengthen employee engagement. Company figures and objectives can be displayed on the screens, making employees feel that they are part of the company’s results, thus significantly improving their performance.

Communication of Activities Accomplished

Many of the actions carried out in the foundations take place in facilities or places far from the office or headquarters from where they are managed. Digital communication makes it possible to transmit through visual impact the actions that are carried out.

Campaign Information

Digital Signage is the solution to be able to launch promotions or specific campaigns and to be able to have greater agility and communication capacity by being able to show several campaigns in the same space.

Increased communication impact

In an environment where visual claims are becoming more and more significant, foundations and NGOs are some of the institutions that generate great visual impact content due to the actions they carry out. Being able to transmit nowadays so that the public knows the actions that are carried out can be as important as knowing how to communicate them.

Member Recruitment Promotion

It allows to carry out Membership Recruitment Campaigns from the same Signage. Through systems such as the QR code on a screen, or a touch screen, you can get the end user to associate with the foundation with a few clicks just by convincing him with what the digital communication tells him.

Sponsor Visibility

Digital Signage is an essential tool to transmit to the public who are the Partners and Sponsors that already trust us. A double effect is achieved with these actions: On the one hand, to recognize and thank the contributions and actions of the partners and on the other to encourage the participation of new partners to be motivated by the confidence that transmits to see those who already work with the organization.

Show the Benefits of Investing in Foundations

Many organizations or individuals are unaware of the benefits of contributing to a non-profit organization. Posters help to raise awareness of these benefits, and help to attract new revenue by explaining through digital communication the tax benefits of making a contribution.

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