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Recubik’s vision in the Leisure and Tourism sector Digital Signage

Digitalisation has become increasingly necessary in the leisure and tourism sector: hotels, all types of resorts, restaurants and casinos. Digital signage gives guests, clients and customers an innovative brand image and is an excellent welcome for them.

In the case of hotels and resorts, Recubik allows visitors to get to know the different areas of fun and enjoyment. It also allows you to show the various promotions available and the activities that can be carried out within the facilities.

What does Recubik offer in the Leisure and Tourism sector?

The calendar of events cannot be left behind and that is why digital displays also make it possible to make available to users all the information concerning the events to be held in conference and meeting rooms.

They also provide tourist information about places to visit in the city, facilitating the choice of nearby destinations. In the food or restaurant area, information about the basic menu, special menus, the dish of the day, among others, can be placed in a more attractive way.

All this in real time, as these digital tools allow you to update all the information at any time and as often as you wish.

Highlighting the best places

Use digital signage to help tourists find what interests them most. Easily and dynamically signpost and inform tourists about the nearest theme park, city centre or museum.

Wayfinding: helping tourists to find their interests..

Wayfinding is one of the most common uses of digital signage, and can be used perfectly well in a zoo, for example. Good wayfinding will allow visitors to find what they want with ease. For example, if they want to see a specific part of the exhibit, all they need to do is use a nearby digital display to find it.

Improving customer experience

Thanks to Digital Signage the customer experience in a hotel, campsite, resort, museum or tourist attraction is more pleasant. Thanks to the information received customers feel more interested in enjoying all the facilities.

Interactive advertising

The interactivity of digital signage allows you to interact with customers in real time, get them to use their devices to send information to the screen thanks to the easy integration with social networks.

Table of activities

Displays daily, weekly or fortnightly activity schedules in an eye-catching and spectacular way. Customisable charts. Organise them as you need, adults, children, day or night.

You can report anywhere

Inform or advertise your promotions anywhere: Lobbies, Elevators, Rooms, Event spaces, etc. This use allows you to direct advertising exactly to a specific target audience. For example, in the lift of a hotel you can inform about the dinner menu and its schedule so that customers come to the dining room.

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